Interview with BorasLegend after his IGL 2016 Championship

After all said and done, here is an interview with Ivan "Boraslegend" Lapanje, the champion of the first championship who did a great job, winning the games against Vinch, Rosenmeier and Kiarash Shokouhi.



-First of all congratulations on your championship, How did you see the quality of this tournament?

- Thank you. Tournament was well structured with no delays and good esport conditions. Also the prize money was very good for an online tournament.


-You played against three of the greatest players in the world today, which match do you think was the hardest?

- All games had their own challenges. Although in the semifinal vs Rosenmeier I was behind 0-2 but managed to come back and win. We always have very though games.


- Who else do you think would have been a good choice to be invited to this tournament?

- There are a lot of good players in the world. The list would be long.


- As you know this was the first time this tournament was being held, what is your suggestion in order to improve the quality of this competition?

- Hmm. Maybe add more players!


-What is your favorite team in Fifa 16 and did you use it in this tournament?

- My favorite team in Fifa 16 is Real Madrid. I have been using them for a long time. They are well rounded with both good physique and technique. And of course: the legend Ronaldo on top.


-What would be your last words with our audience?

- Hope you will keep following me on Facebook and Twitch!




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