About DXRACER as our sponsor in IGL 2016

US Based Headquarters

DXRacer was founded more than decade ago as one of the first OMP generated businesses. The headquarters is located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, which also serves as the company's research and development center.


Production Base in China 

DXRacer chairs are produced in China, with hundreds of daily shipments using multi-channel production lines. Our chairs are subjected to strict quality control standards to ensure the highest quality product is being manufactured.


Industry Leading Technology

DXRacer prides itself on its eleven different chair series, each accommodating different body types. Every series has different design elements, colors, and features that make the chair unique. Each quarter, new products, designs, and features are launched that continually push the boundaries of what is possible. The ability to quickly create new products has positioned DXRacer as the leader in the industry.






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