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With sweden winning the 2016 International Games League the online section of these games is over.

 Iran Games League had over 1000 participants in the online section and the other parts during which Iran's champions in FIFA and PES were 
determined. By the end of the competition Kiarash Shokouhi became the FIFA champion and was named the Iranian 
representative in the 1st International Games League.

At the end of the 1st International Games League which included the greatest names in FIFA playing from England, Denmark, Sweden, France, Portugal, Romania and Iran, Ivan Lapanje, the swedish representative, became the world champion, and Kiarash Shokuhi reached the second place and gave Iran its share of the honors.

With the conclusion of this league, registration for the offline section of IGL 2016 and the qualifying games of ESWC has begun on 3rd September abd will last till 11th. This Competition will be held in Milad tower in Tehran, the winners of which will be seleted to compete in the 2016 Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris, which is the greatest multi gaming event in the world.

Stay with us till the end of the 2016 International Games League and Sending out Iran team to Frace.


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