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The qualifying games of Iran concerning the International Games League were held in Milad tower and in the height of 280 meters. The games were finished with the championship of Kiarash "Immortal" Shokouhi from Hamedan. He had succeeded to achieve the title of 4th in the previous year's ESWC and this year he will be the only Iranian player to represent Iran in the first International Games League. The qualified players competed today in order to make it as the Iran's representative. And this way, Kiarash Shokouhi who had achieved two slots by winning Rio Olympic and EUFA European Championship, was placed in semi finals by both his teams and was determined as on of the finalists. So on the other side of the semi finals, Mehran Alizadeh and Mohammad Nazari competed against each other to determine the other finalist. At last Kiarash Shokouhi became the champion who is going to compete with players from Denmark, France, England, Romania, Sweden and Portugal tomorrow the 20th of August at 12:00. You can see the table of this tournament here.
It needs to be mentioned that the International Games League is designed, scheduled and organized by Cube and will have 1500 $ worth of awards. The random selection draw and the bracketing of the global tournament of IGL will also be published on the website of

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