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Next Fifa player to be heard of would be Francisco "Quinzas" Cruz, a great gamer and surely an honorable one. Let's see what he has in in mind. It would be interesting for many…


- First of all, thank you for doing this interview with us, what would you like to be your first words to our audience?

- I would like to thank the organization for the invitation to play this prestigious tournament. It is always good to have this kind of initiative.

-As you know, we are an Iranian company working in E-Sports, What do you think of Iranian gamers?

-To be honest I don't know too much about Iranian gamers. I just know that AdamanT won the ESWC. What an accomplishment!

-Tell us a bit about yourself please, what have you been up to lately? Any plans for upcoming gaming events?

-Now I will just wait for FIFA 17 and start to play tournaments. I don't have any tournaments still to play in FIFA 16.

- How do you like Fifa16? Compared with previous versions...

-This is FIFA is not one of my favorites. I am a player who like to have possession during the game and this FIFA doesn't benefit that kind of players.

- Who in your opinion is the best Fifa player in the world right now? Have you ever played him? What makes him special?

-In my opinion there are two players that are the best in the world. One is Gorilla who is winning every GFinity tournament and the other one is August Rosenmeier who already won the FIWC and the ESWC.

-When did you start playing professionally?

-I started to play FIFA professionally in 2009.

- And finally, what would be your advice to aspiring young players?

-The best advice that I can give to the new players is to watch the best players playing in YouTube or twitch and try to realize what they do to be so good. Study them and then add their moves to your

gameplay. This way you will be able to play better against good players.


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