According to the report by Cube the official representative of Electronic Sports World Cup in Iran, the second round of Iranian Computer Games League was over on 17th July and the awards were given to the selected players in the presence of hundreds of spectators by Abbas Arzi, Cube chairman, Hassan Karimi Ghodousi, the manager of National Foundation of Computer Games in Iran and ,Ali Sharifi, the CEO of Milad Tower of Tehran in Milad Tower.


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Cube established in 2008 as the most precursor private company in games in Iran and held country tournaments yearly in country. also cube company qualified iran as an Oxent partner in Electronic Sports World Cup and held Iran qualification from 2012 yearly in Milad Tower as Sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world and sent Iranian qualified gamers to ESWC Grand Finals in Paris city in France.

For the first time, in the year 2015, we decided to hold the championships as an organized league instead of a single tournament.