Kiarash 'immortals' Shokoohi's Interview After His Big Victory

Here we go to Kiarash Shokouhi, the Iran's representative in IGL world championship held by Cube, online. Let's see his observations and know more about "Immortal".

-Did you think you would be selected as Iran's representative in IGL?

-Yeah, I was actually sure!

Who do you think is your most important rival in IGL?


-Who do you think will be most missed in IGL?

-Mehran Alizadeh My Teammate

-How did you see the level and quality of the qualifying games?

-It was very good and in really high quality.

-Who have you competed with between your foreign rivals?

-Just Rosenmeier.

-What do you think was the gap and the weakness of the qualifying games.

-Nothing, everything was perfectly organized but I think Iran could have more slots in the tournament.

-Who do you think will be the champion?

-Either me or Rosenmeier.

-Who do you think is the best Fifa player of Iran right now?

-I guess Arash Khamenei.

-Please dedicate your last words to our audience…

-Don't play, it's not worth it. It's better to study their lessons!


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