IGL Live Online Stream

The online live streaming of the first International Games League is being published on internet to day at 12:00 of Tehran time.

These games are being held between 7 notable players from all around the world and the player who represents Iran is Kiarash Shokouhi from Hamedan.

The winner of this tournament will receive 1000$ worth of award. 

You can see the live online streaming of Kiarash Shokouhi’s game on the main page of the website and in order to see the other games, follow the links below:

Vincent 'Vinch' Hoffman Vs Ivan 'Boraslegend' Lapanje
Adam 'adamW' Winster Vs Francisco 'Quinzas' Cruz
Kiarash 'Immortal' Shokoohi Vs Marian 'NiGhT' Avram
August 'Agge' Rossenmeier - Rest


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