IGL2016 Countdown

The international round of computer games league is going to be held today at 12:00 (Tehran time). This online tournament which is the first international tournament in Iran, is organized by Cube. The random selection and the table of this tournament in the field of Fifa is accessible here and on the main page of our website.

It needs to be mentioned that the champion will receive 1000$ and the one to achieve the second title will be receiving an award for 500$. The participants in this championship, are all notable players from their countries, France, Denmark, Romania, England, Portugal and Sweden. 

Before this happening, the qualifying round between Iranian players was held in Milad tower of Tehran, in the height of 280 meters and in the open view platform of the tower. The competition ended with the championship of Kiarash Shokouhi from Hamedan who had achieved the title of 4th in last year’s ESWC and he will be the only player to represent Iran in the International Games League 2016. 


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