This year, for the first time Cube included an international competition in the computer games league so the players could compete with each other o one of the highest levels of esports championships.

In this tournament, Ivan “Boraslegend” Lapanje from Sweden succeeded to become the champion. He had once received a 400,000$ worth of award in Las Vegas championship in the past.

The online live streaming of the first International Games League is being published on internet to day at 12:00 of Tehran time.

These games are being held between 7 notable players from all around the world and the player who represents Iran is Kiarash Shokouhi from Hamedan.

The winner of this tournament will receive 1000$ worth of award. 

The international round of computer games league is going to be held today at 12:00 (Tehran time). This online tournament which is the first international tournament in Iran, is organized by Cube. The random selection and the table of this tournament in the field of Fifa is accessible here and on the main page of our website.

The qualifying games of Iran concerning the International Games League were held in Milad tower and in the height of 280 meters. The games were finished with the championship of Kiarash "Immortal" Shokouhi from Hamedan. He had succeeded to achieve the title of 4th in the previous year's ESWC and this year he will be the only Iranian player to represent Iran in the first International Games League. The qualified players competed today in order to make it as the Iran's representative.